1. Panchal Nilam, International youth symposium Jan 30 31 2020

  2. Participated Webinar organized by Shree Somnath Sanskrit University, Veraval on the topic "Bharatiya Sanskriti and hamari Jivanshaili" held on 9th May 2020

  3. Participated Webinar organized by the institute of commerce, Nirma University on the topic "Digitisation for building business continuity and resilience during and after Covid19" held on 27th May 2020


  1. Panchal Nilam, Corporate Restructuring in India and Constructive Leadership and Institutional Capacity Building : The way forward, organized by ISTD- Anand Chapter on 5-6 January 2019

  2. Panchal Nilam (2019), Paper Pesented at International Seminar on Culture, Toursim, Indigenous People and Sustainable Development organsied by Centre for Entrepreneurship and Skill Development, Manipur University along with Research Forum and Planning Department, Government of Manipur


  1. Panchal Nilam (2018), Stock Market Volatility in International Market and its impact on volatility in Indian Market at 21st Nirma International Conference on Management(NICOM-2018) during January 11-13, 2018 at Institute of Management, Nirma University

  2. International Youth Symposium (INYS) –January 30-31, 2018 Organised at B.K.School of Business Management, Gujarat University

  3. Paper presented on Governance in Indian Financial Sector : Reforms and Remedies,. International Conference organized by B.K.School of Business Management, Gujarat University and Centre for Corporate Governance, Gujarat Technological University  February 16-17, 2018

  4. One week Faculty Development Program on Management B K School of Business Management and Human Resource Development Centre of Gujarat University 16-22 March, 2018  Gujarat University, Ahmedabad 1 Week

  5. Panchal Nilam (2018) , Case Study Methods, in FDP on Innovative Teaching Techniques and Research Methods in Commerce and Management during September 4-11, 2018.

  6. Panchal Nilam (2018), Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Barriers: A study of perception of Youth in India, in 3rd Academic International Conference on Interdisciplinary Business Studies on September 17-19, 2018 at Cambridge, United Kingdom.

  7. Panchal Nilam (2018), Addiction to Social Networking Sites : Issues, challenges and prospects” on International Conference on Recent Trends in Business, Management and sustainable Development, jointly organsied by MIMS and NEMA, Manipur during 22-24 November 2018

  8. Panchal Nilam (2018),Emotional Finance – The role of Emotions in Decision Making of Investors , National Conference on Innovative Business Management Practices : Technology enabled learning trends in 21st Century organized by FMS, during December 21-22. 2018. 


  1. Paper Presented at  Nirma International Conference (NICOM – 2017) organised at Institute of Management, Nirma University from 5th -7th January 2017

  2. STC on Educational Excellence, organized by UGC-HRDC, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad from 1st to 7th March 2017

  3. National Conference on Emerging Trends in HR, Commerce , Management and Economics, Organised by Department of Research Methodolgy, VNSGU Surat in association with ONGC on 11th March 2017 by Krithin Foundation in association with VNSGU,Surat and IIT , Gandhinagar

  4. One week FDP organised by B.K.School and UGC- HRDC, Gujarat University - 16th to 22nd March 2017 1 Week 

  5. Paper Presented in Social Science congress Southern Science congress on " Social Science : New Paradigms towards Sustainable and Prospective Future" organized by IPS, Hyderabad from 23-25th March 2017

  6. Paper presented at National Conference on Climate Change and Sustainable Development : Issues , challenges and opportunities held at Institute of Public Entreprises, Hyderabad  during March 23-24,2017National conference on Climate Change and Sustainable Development : Issues, Challenges and Opportunities , IPS – Hyderabad, 23-24th March 2017

  7. Specialized Faculty Development Module for Management Teaches and Accounting Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad 28/8/17 23/9/17   4 Weeks Self-Sponsored SFDP at IIMA in Finance Accounting 

  8. Paper Presented on Non performing Assets for the Retail Bank Loans in Gujarat : An Empirical Study in National Conference on Think Global Act Local- Contemporary sustainable business practices and Development by NEMA in collaboration with USTM , Meghalaya Nema, Meghalaya, 10/11 - 10 – 2017

  9. National Conference by North Eastern Management Association (NEMA) , 25th October 2017

  10. National Conference by XLRI at MIMS, Manipur University, 14th Nov. to 16th Nov. 2017

  11. Paper Presented on Mobile Technology and Behaviour of Women : A Literature Review in National Conference on Promoting Business Opoortunities in North Eastern India and India’s Act East Policy during November 15-16, 2017


  1. Paper on Financial Inclusion in India : An analysis of Obstacles and Opportunities for Rural People in NICOM 2016 on Empowering Trade, Industry and Society in Challenging and Competitive Environment at Institute of Management, Nirma University during January 07-09, 2016 NICOM 2016 – Nirma International Conference- 2016, January 7-9, 2016

  2. Paper Presented and Session Chair on Management Practices in Markets at National Conference on Management and Research Practices in emerging markets during January 11-12,2016

  3. International conference on Energy and Infrastructure Management- PDPU, Gandhinagar on 17-18th February 2016

  4. Paper on Corporate Restructuring and impact on Financial Performance : A study on selected organizations in Gujarat in International Conference on Energy and Infrastructure Management during February 18-19,2016 organized by ICEIM-2016.

  5. India Finance Conference at IIM- Ahmedbad  in the year 2016.

  6. Seminar on International Transfer Pricing at Kadi University

  7. Training Programme on Empowering Leaders Training Partners 10/08/16 16/08/16 1 Week IIMA

  8. STC on Professional Development, organized by UGC-HRDC, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad from 12th to 18th September 2016 One week 

  9.  STC on Classroom Teaching Technology (Management)  at UGC-HRDC, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad from 26th to 2nd October 2016 One Week

  10. Paper on Ease of doing business with Islamic Finance at International Conference on CCFS during October 14-15,2016 CCFS- 2016, Organized by Gujarat Technological University, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad 

  11. Fdp on Innovations in Teaching and Research Methodology for Gujarat University, UGC- HRDC, RUSA Grant IIMA 15/10/16 17/10/16 3 Days

  12. International FDP on - Interactive Teaching Methods – UK India Collaboration, British Deputy High Commission, Ahmedabad- Phase 1  UK India Collaboration & RUSA   6/12/16  7/12/16  2 Days  Gujarat University

  13. International FDP on - Interactive Teaching Methods – UK India Collaboration, British Deputy High Commission, Ahmedabad- Phase 2 UK India Collaboration & RUSA  at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad 17/12/ 16 20/12/16 3 Days Gujarat University

  14. Paper at 6th India Finance Conference held at IIMA from December 18-21, 2016

  15. Paper Presented at CRISIL Doctoral Symposium on 20th December 2016 at IIM Ahmedabad

  16. Paper Presented on Bureaucracy and challenges faced for Organizational change : A case study of power sector in Gujarat at AIMS International Conference in Management at MICA, Ahmedabad during December 26-28, 2016


  1. Paper Presented on Corporate Restructuring and Role of HR: Issues and Challenges at the 18th Nirma International Conference of Management during January 8-10,2015.

  2. Paper on Banking Innovations and E-Banking: An empirical analysis of determinants at GCMRM 2015 conference organized by MDI- Gurgaon, India

  3. Faculty Development Programme on Innovations in Teaching and Research Pedagogy at Institute of Management, Nirma University 23-25 March 2015

  4. Participated in World Youth Summit 2015 during March 29-April 2, 2015 with support from Government of Manipur and Government of India

  5. FDP on Research in social sciences and Pharmaceutical research at Institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad IMNU – Ahmedabad  11-12 April 2015

  6. Paper Presented on Planning of Smart Cities in India in the National Conference on Smart City – A gateway to business at Indore Christian College, Indore during April 15-16, 2015

  7. Refresher Courses for Faculty in Management Education in Institute of Management, Nirma University during 18th April- 2nd May 2015

  8. Workshop on Research proposal preparation and presentation, IMNU - Ahmedabad 12-15 May 2015

  9. Paper on Internationalisation of MSMEs in India: A study of Barriers and Drivers in the IIMB-SJSU International Conference on Transactional Entrepreneurs and International SMEs in Emerging economies: Drivers and Strategies during May 20-22, 2015

  10. Regional Training Programme on URKUND, organized at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad  24th September 2015

  11. Presented paper on Energizing Cultures, Eco-centric Indian Experience and Participated in International Seminar on Emerging cultures : The Eco-centric Indian Experience during December 3-5, 2015


  1. Management Teachers Programme on Managing strategic Change and Transformation – Feb 24- March 01,2014, IIM-Lucknow, Noida Campus

  2. Paper Presented in the International Conference on Role Financial Industry in accelerating Econommic growth , GTU – Ahmedabad during Septermber 26-27, 2014.


  1. Paper presented at the  AIMS International Conference on Management organized at the IIMB during January 6-9, 2013.

  2. Paper presented in Department of Tourism Administration during April 21-22,2013 Indian Tourism Congress

  3. Paper presented at International Conference on Finance and Business Management, June 15-16,2013 at STMP, Haridwar


  1.  Faculty Development Programme on New MBA Specialisations (26th July 2012) at Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad

  2.  Paper presented on paradigm Knowledge Solutions on IIMA FDP Leadership Simulation Workshop Cross-Functional Decision Making and Business  Impact at IIMA, Ahmedabad during 28-29, July 2012

  3.  Faculty Development Programme on New Eras of Management Research” - (11th June to 29th September 2012) at IIM – Ahmedabad


  1. Paper Presented on Working Capital and Profitability – An empirical analysis of their relationship with reference to top 10 pharmaceutical companies of Gujarat at IES International Finance Conference on January 5, 2010.

  2. Paper Presented  in fourth International Conference on Managing in the new world order : Strategies for sustainable Business Development at PIMR(Prestige Insitute of Management and Research) , Indore during January 30-31,2010

  3. Paper presented  Venture Capital Financing – A comparative analysis of selected banks in Gujarat , “Innovation and Business Success”, 3, Feb-2010 , 64  at GuruNanak Insitute of Management Studies(GNIMS) , Matunga , Mumbai 

  4. Paper on Analysis of Receivables Management of Selected Companies in Pharmaceutical Industry at GVICOM 2010 at M.H.Gardi school of Management on Feb 7, 2010.  

  5. Paper Presented on Transfer Pricing of Multinational Firms of Canada and India, on 13-14th Feb 2010 at IIFTR, Indore.

  6. Refresher course in Research methodology (31st May to 20th June 2010) at Academic Staff College, Gujarat University

  7. Workshop on “NME- ICT: The Gujarat Initiative” ( 7th June 2010) organized by Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat, Department of Education, Govt. of Gujarat

  8. Paper on Energy and Social Issues during National Conference on Integrated Energy Policy- Issues and Challenges by GETCL in association with PDPU during 20-21st August 2010

  9. FDP on Entrepreneurship Development Programme at EDII , Ahmedabad from  (December 20-31 2010).


  1. FDP on Excellence in Research and Education (01-04 May 2009) at IIM –Indore

  2. Orientation Programme on ( 1st June 2009 to 28th June 2009) at Academic Staff College, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad

  3. Paper Presented on Women Empowerment – Pathways to Development of Nation : A comparison between Canada and India in the Multinational International Conference from 20-22 September 2009, at MS University, Baroda

  4. FDP on Impact of global meltdown on Indian economy  (December 14th to 24th 2009), IPS- Academy, Indore (Sponsored by AICTE,NEW DELHI)


  1. Paper Presented on CRM  in Banks –A Comparative students of best practices and customer satisfaction level in the context of Private Banks visa Public Sector Banks in Regional Conference on Managerial  of Excellence at 18th Oct. 2008 at ICFAI National College, Vadodara